With Scottish, Irish, and Brazilian blood in her veins, it’s hardly surprising that Lizzie Lamb is a writer. She even wrote extra scenes for the films she watched as a child and acted out in the playground with her friends. She is ashamed to admit that she kept all the good lines for herself. Luckily, she saves them for her readers these days. Lizzie’s love of writing went on hold while she pursued a successful teaching career, finishing up as a Deputy Head teacher of a large primary school. Since deciding to leave the profession to realise her dream of becoming a published novelist, Lizzie hasn’t looked back. She wrote Tall, Dark and Kilted – which echoes her love of her homeland in every page, not to mention heroes in kilts – and published it. Lizzie loves the quick fire interchange between the hero and heroine – like in old black and white Hollywood movies – and hope this comes over in her writing.

For her second novel, Boot Camp Bride Lizzie had enormous fun researching VW camper vans, the Norfolk Marshes and the world of journalism. Not to mention falling in love with a delicious new hero – Rafael Ffinch.

Currently, Lizzie is concentrating on writing her third novel. For this novel, Lizzie will return to the Highlands and Islands of Wester Ross and is itching to bring the completed novel to her readers’ attention. Look out for a gorgeous new hero of American/Scottish ancestry and a feisty heroine who won;t bend to his will.

Lizzie has ideas for subsequent novels, perhaps exploring the paranormal or introducing a greater degree of suspense in her writing. She is also toying with the idea of writing a series of humorous ‘cosy crime’ novels.


Lizzie is a member of the Romantic Novelists’’ Association and organises the local chapter which has over forty writers on its books. She is also a member of the prestigious Society of Authors. With three other members of the Romantic Novelists’ Association, Lizzie formed The New Romantics 4 in November 2012. Check out their blog which is updated regularly: www.newromantics4.com


Lizzie Lamb's Favourite Quote

“If you have a dream – go for it. Life is not a rehearsal.”

these are my own words (!)


  1. Lizzie Lamb

    Thanks for setting up this great website Sarah. I’m sure that authors and readers alike will find much on it of interest to them.

    1. Sarah Houldcroft

      Thanks so much for your kind comment, Lizzie and thanks for supporting us. 🙂

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