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The monkeys have a human friend called Sheila. Sheila is in hospital – and she hates the hospital food.  The monkeys make up their minds: something simply has to be done. When their first attempt at delivering bananas to Sheila is thwarted they monkeys decide to form The Banana Bunch, a secret society dedicated to the delivery of delicious organic bananas to Sheila and all the other people at the hospital. Banana delivery proves, however, to be a little more tricky than they had expected….

Publisher: Amolibros

Book Categories: Adventure (children and teens), Children's books: 8-12 years, Funny books (children and teens)

Saturday 3rd March

Dear Granny Millicent,

Well, honestly! I am so distressed by the events of this afternoon that my paws are still shaking.

We were positive that we would be made welcome when we arrived at our local hospital this afternoon, full of smiles and enthusiasm and carrying bunches of the very best quality bananas.

Instead, we had barely set paws inside the building when people started shouting, “No monkeys allowed,” and a lot of other things that I cannot possibly write down. We were thoroughly shocked.

Since getting home we have discussed the situation and the whole family is in agreement. We will not be deterred from our banana delivery work. If The Banana Bunch cannot deliver bananas openly we will do it by stealth!

By good fortune the youngster’s cousins Sophie, Sebastian and Marcel le Singe have just arrived from France for a long visit. Marcel (who says he has always wanted to learn to fly an aeroplane) has bravely volunteered to lead our first banana delivery mission.

Marcel has borrowed a “How to Fly in 6 Easy Lessons” instruction manual from the local library and is studying the contents keenly. We expect to be ready to make the first delivery of bananas in just a few days from now. I will write again just as soon as we have air-dropped the bananas into the hospital.

Loads of love, Marigold

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Uplifting, heart-warming and entertaining monkey stories for children


This is an absolutely delightful, fun and engaging book. The short stories tell the tales of a family of monkeys who are trying whatever methods they can to smuggle bananas into the hospital where their sick human friend is staying. Needless to say they are not very good at smuggling so get themselves into quite a number of tricky situations.


The stories are arranged in the form of letters which are all written by Marigold Monkey to her Granny Millicent Monkey. The book is full of humour and the author quite clearly has a great sense of fun herself.


The Banana Bunch is also full of wonderfully captivating and entertaining illustrations which can be enjoyed by adults and children alike. There is also an active Facebook page and website, both of which carry on the adventures of the monkeys.


There is a serious side to this book too as the proceeds go towards two childrens’ charities. The author tells us how this came about in the introduction to the book.


One other thing to mention is the rather delicious recipe for Sticky Banana and Date Loaf at the front of the book.


I would recommend The Banana Bunch to all parents with young children who are bound to enjoy the monkeys’ antics and each letter is a self-contained story and a good length for bedtime reading. Although I must say they are also rather fun for adults too. As it looks so appealing, it is also the perfect gift for any child.


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Sarah Houldcroft 300Star Reviewer:

Sarah Houldcroft

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