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A Model Murder is a fast-paced mystery that draws scary, sometimes hilarious, parallels between alpha males in strip clubs and law firms.

This first book in the Alicia Allen Investigates Trilogy introduces Alicia Allen, a 29-year-old London Anglo-Italian lawyer whose desire for Pringles is matched only by her desire to solve crime. When her neighbor—a beautiful aspiring Australian model—is found raped and murdered before she can pick up her first paycheck at a sleazy “hostess” club, Alicia ignites with such passion to bring the wrongdoer to justice, it would make even Portia envious.

As her dangerous quest draws her into the dark world of exploitative “hostess clubs,” Alicia finds herself facing similar circumstances in a new law firm where alpha males roam the halls in solicitor suits intimidating or stalking undervalued female coworkers. Worse luck, the deeper she delves into the investigation, the more her comfortable world falls apart. Friends are viciously attacked…potential lovers may not be what they seem…clues pop up in Italian opera, Shakespeare, and a cat.

Alicia finds her willingness to risk her own life for the sake of justice is sorely put to the test in a world where Fate plays no small role.

The Alicia Allen Investigates crime novels are fast-paced suspense mysteries, full of twists and turns, following in the tradition of writers such as Nicci French and Sue Grafton.

Publisher: Barcham Books

Book Categories: Crime fiction, Mystery, Thrillers

Extract from Chapter 14 of A Model Murder

As I drove past the house in search of a parking space, I noticed that Dorothy’s curtains were open which was most unusual. She was meticulous in her habits and they were always drawn as soon as it was dark. I thought perhaps that she had left them open since she had caught the crime-busting bug and did not want to miss anything. Maybe she had even gone out, although that was most unlikely on a Sunday night.

I had to park around the corner but as I walked back to the house I observed a BMW car on the other side of the road. It did not register with me at that point that there was anything wrong and I thought that perhaps the driver was looking for a parking space. As I approached, however, whoever it was in the car switched the headlights on full beam dazzling me and drove off down the road at break-neck speed. I had the sinking feeling that something was seriously wrong and that it concerned Dorothy.

Purposefully, I walked down the stairs to her flat. I heard Smoky miaowing and, as I reached the bottom step, he ran out into the corridor causing me to start. The door to the flat was ajar and there were no lights on inside the flat. I advanced towards the front door with trepidation and a dread of what I might find behind it.

‘Dorothy,’ I called out. ‘It’s Alicia.’ There was no response, so I edged the door open slightly and peered into the hallway. I fumbled for the light switch, turned on the light, pushed the door wide open and stepped into the flat. I felt something wet and squelchy beneath my feet and then I saw Dorothy lying in a pool of blood halfway down the hall. It looked as if she had been struck on the back of her head, but there was so much blood that I could not make out where it was coming from. For a split second I froze to the spot, and then I started to shake uncontrollably because I thought she was dead. I bent down and carefully felt for a pulse in her neck. My hands were trembling and at first I could not feel one and then I did; it was weak but she was still alive.


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