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Hello, I'm Sarah Houldcroft, the face behind Authors Uncovered where authors and booklovers can connect, read, write and share.

Having worked as a virtual assistant for authors, helping them promote their books online, I realised that authors don’t really want to spend all their time marketing their books.  All they really want to do is write their next book.  As I am not an author myself, I know exactly what a booklover wants because that’s what I am.  So I am uniquely placed to not only understand what a reader is looking for, but also to understand the problems facing, particularly, self-published authors in the ever changing publishing world.

The idea of Authors Uncovered is that it will give authors the opportunity to put a profile up which will then be promoted out to booklovers everywhere. It means that authors can concentrate on writing without having to worry about promoting their books all the time.

Booklovers will be able to uncover an author or a book that they have not come across before. They will be able to get up close and personal with the authors, enter giveaways, win ebooks and even ask an author a question.  They will be able to buy wonderful products and gifts all centred around books too.

For me, another important part of Authors Uncovered is being able to help authors who have chosen to donate all or part of the proceeds of their book sales to charity or who, through their books, wish to raise awareness for a particular cause.  These books will always be featured on this site for free and will also hopefully be available direct from the author so the maximum amount of money can be raised for the charities.

You can like Authors Uncovered on Facebook, follow boards on Pinterest  or catch up with me on Twitter at @SarahH_AU , Goodreads and LinkedIn too.  I would love to hear from you so do get in touch or leave a comment for me below.

I hope, whether you are a booklover like me or an author, that you will enjoy everything Authors Uncovered has to offer and enhance your own reading or writing experience.


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